The $ Deal

The easytolearn deal is easy to follow and incredibly easy to afford, whether you are a student or a huge corporation.

Consideration # 1: Course volume

In general, the more courses you buy, the cheaper it gets per course.

All of our individual Soft Skills & Vocational Development Courses are $USD99.00 each, already one of the lowest prices you will find for International standard business and skills development courses with an impressive arrange of features. These Vocational Development courses have also been conveniently grouped into Bundles, ranging from a 2 Course Bundle to an 18 Course Bundle, depending on the topic or category selected. Each of these Bundles is at a generous discounted rate of 20% off our RRP.

All of our Computer Microsoft Office Modules and Courses have different prices points. In general, all Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Office 2010 individual modules are an unbeatable $USD24 each, whilst the popular Microsoft Office 2013 and 2016 individual modules are an amazing $USD79 each. These are also available in logical Course Bundles which contain a varying number of course modules and titles. We have called these “Mega Bundles” and most contain all levels of the 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 versions of that program (eg Excel). We also have available the entire “version” releases such as the “Microsoft Office 2013 Mega Bundle” which contains well over 300 modules. Check out the range of bundles as there will definitely be one (or many) to suit your needs.

But for the BIG DADDY of our Bundles, check out our ridiculous price on the “All-You-Can-Learn” Pro Bundle below.

At easytolearn we have temporarily cut our incredibly cheap “per course” rate to the bone. Try this on for size?

Our All-You-Can-Learn Pro Bundle option is simply insane.

The All-You-Can-Learn Pro Bundle option is easytolearns largest volume “single-buy option” and makes the most economic sense for individuals, Governments and businesses alike. We have a massive 825 (as at March 2016 and expanding at no extra cost) high quality, hands-on courses covering all and every corporate or personal skills development need you’ll ever have, for a low $USD549.00. That works out at less than $USD0.67 cents per course, with 12 months access and is 95+% below the normal single course price.


<$0.67 each
95+% based on above


Consideration # 2: Your Organizational Size (apply by email application/request only)

Note: The following volume pricing options are NOT available at our portal shop or shopping cart. Volume buys are assembled by us based on the unique information you provide to us. Therefore, you must apply directly to and we will work hard and fast to fully accommodate your exact needs.

The more individual employees your organization brings on to the easytolearn All-You-Can-Learn Pro Bundle system, our rates get even crazier. Our per-course price can go as low as a crazy $USD0.25 cents each if you have more than 2001 employees to sign up. That is possibly a tiny fraction of an equivalent size organizations’ current training budget. (based on our All-You-Can-Learn Pro Bundle promotion pricing)

These special Corporate rates are based on the volume of employees that would be taking up the All-You-Can-Learn Pro Bundle. It is NOT based on the number of “net employees” in your organization. Please use our email facility on the “Contact Us” page to outline how many employees you need to set up on the All-You-Can-Learn Pro system. We will email you all you need to know and follow that up with a direct call. We will happily guide you on how best to manage Corporate-wide blended learning across multi disciplines and needs. Any training is a major Corporate investment that you not only want to work well from an operational perspective, but it needs to deliver improvement. We understand that effective delivery is the key. Outside of this All-You-Can-Learn Pro Bundle, we can also tailor ANY combination of either individual courses or Bundles, and do it for any quantity of staff. Just email us and let us know what you want and for how many. Every employee gets their own Username and Password combination sent direct to their email by us, so administration is simple.


1 to 5 employees
6 to 50 employees
51 to 250 employees
251 to 2,000 employees
2,001 or more


Here at easytolearn, that is also easy. If you have less than 5 employees or you are an individual;

  • Follow the link to our Course and Bundle selections area
  • Access some of course outlines on courses of interest, print and share
  • Make your selection on the number of courses you want (our “All-You-Can-Learn” Mega Bundle just makes sense)
  • Alternatively, go for one of the value for money Bundles (again, our “All-You-Can-Learn” Bundle just makes sense)
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Pay the fee or enter the code (code given for bulk employee purchase only by application)
  • For individual users, wait for the log-in email and instructions (it won’t take long)
  • Log-in and start Learning-All-You-Can with easytolearn
  • Complete your course/s and request your Full Color, Personalized Certificate to proudly hang in your workspace

If you are a small, medium or large business, a Municipal Council or Government, a State or Federal Government or an NGO, follow this application process.

  • If you are a Corporate inquiry with a staff volume above 5 users, email us with all relevant details
    • Company Name
    • Contact Name and Title of purchasing authority/person
    • Number of employees in total Organization
    • Number of employees (approx) to be allocated the package
    • Expected time-frame for consideration
    • Special needs or questions
    • We will contact all Corporate Enquirers by phone and or email
    • Corporate registration is done in bulk by our Head Office, using a .csv file prepared by you
  • Log-in and start Learning-All-You-Can with easytolearn
  • Encourage your employees to apply to us for their Full Color, Personalized Certificates.

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