Who we are

The course content and method of delivery used throughout easytolearn have been developed by a team of multi-degree qualified specialists in education, eLearning, workplace training, instructional design, software development, technical innovation developers and a host of other critical inputs. You will continue to see our course list grow and the way you interact with the materials will remain the pace-setters for both eLearning and mLearning (mobile devices). We set the pace in eLearning content. Our courses are designed to aid you and your staff to develop skills quickly and professionally wherever they can get access to the internet, regardless of the device.

easytolearn is a one-stop-shop for all of your skills and personal development training needs, whether you are a student, an ambitious employee, a business owner, a corporate leader or work in Governments or NGO’s. As a Manager, you can get all employees on the right track simultaneously. As a Trainer you can use the materials to provide “Blended Learning”, online, classroom and on-the-job. Most importantly, we have made everything so easy, from course acquisition, receipts for your accountants, right through to getting your own signed and colorful easytolearn Certificate of Completion to proudly hang in your workspace.

With 825 skills development courses to choose from, is it any wonder that major international organisations utilise these very materials. Icons like these companies represent some of the world’s largest brands including Microsoft, NASA, the United States Air Force, Pfizer, United Nations, the LA Times, Dell, Lockheed Martin, Revlon, Kraft, Michelin, Princeton University, Raytheon, FedEx, General Motors, Sandals Resorts, Mercedes-Benz and even the Executive Office of the President of the United States of America.

So explore your options and open up a world of knowledge for you and those around you. Share your experience with others and marvel at how easytolearn most skills really are. We run “limited Offers” on an ongoing basis so make sure you bookmark easytolearn while you are here.